GreenFury Profile Pic
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Green, Fury
Birthplace: Endon Lord's Hospital
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6"5
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Completely White
Weapons or Special Abilities
Chronological & Political Information
Origin: Radiated in a nuclear explosion
Universe: CCU-609
Creator: Samuel Barker


Created in a freak accident, Greenfury was the only survivor of the [REDACTED]. His powers allow him to create greenfire from his body. He uses his powers to fight crime in the city of Endon.

Personality and Traits

Personal Timeline

Y 1, 001, 173 - Greenfury is born.

Y 1, 001, 198 - After an incident in the Powergon Nuclear Power Station causing it to explode, Greenfury is born from the smouldering ruins.

Y 1, 001, 200 - Greenfury and Scissor Boy foil Professor Malfurious' plans and save Teroth from certain doom, they then create the League of Renegades.

Y 1, 001, 265 - Greenfury is killed while trying to defend his partners. He lets out a tremendous amount of power that destroys both him and the enemy.